Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Update of Food Dates

Over the weekend I headed over to my lovely friend Connie's place for a day of raw food experiments. We had been talking about doing this for months and, finally, it happened. On the first day of the Raw Food Rehab initiative. Serendipitous, no? The day ended up not being what I expected and was less about the food and more about about us bonding. Of course, there was of course still plenty of food involved.

Like this
delicious apple-banana-coconut pie with rich cashew cream. Which looked fabulous.

Until it came time to serve it up. Then it was just a mess, albeit a very tasty one.

I also tried Philip McCluskey's cauliflower popcorn. I have to say I was hesitant before trying this as I have mixed feelings about raw cauliflower. It surprised me by being totally delicious. It didn't keep well though.

And this morning's breakfast. A banana, pineapple, broccoli, silverbeet, blueberry mesquite smoothie.

I know you're delicious and you know you're delicious, but why do you have to be so freaking ugly? (And what is that green growth in the background! Photography fail!)

I also whipped up a little something to take to work for second lunch. (First lunch was leftovers of a spicy pumpkin, potato, cabbage capsicum mush. Not pictured. It was even less photogenic than the smoothie. Believe it.)

Grated carrot, zucchini and apple with pumpkin seeds and raisins. Topped off with a honey-lemon-ginger dressing, I'm calling it a grated carrot cake salad. It was sweet and spicy and refreshing and generally just grate!

And tonight I headed out for some baked spud goodness with my spudtastic friend Hannah. I'm still not ready to take my camera out in public with me just yet. But soon.

Right now I'm drinking herbal tea and getting ready to curl up in bed with season six of the X-Files and call it a day.



  1. OMG yum yum yum best day ever!! The pie looks great in the pics, but tasted so much better than it looks.

    SO great to see our acheivements on your blog! Im proud of us :)


  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. List writing is one of my favourite things, I just lose ny way sometimes! All your food looks great, capturing things on camera is so hard isn't it? xxx