Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Leaf

It was a beautiful crisp clear day here in Melbourne and the sunshine was much appreciated after far too long of grey dreariness. And that's from someone who likes winter.

I arrived home feeling quite sprightly (perhaps because I don't have to work tomorrow?) to find this week's box of organic produce was waiting for me on the doorstep (hello there green beans, it's bean far too long...). Plus I picked up a giant (GIANT!) custard apple today that I can't wait to dive into. Simple pleasures.

I'm starting to get excited about the upcoming 11 Week Initiative at Raw Food Rehab that I've signed up for. Excited with a side of apprehension. Because it looks like I can't hide from change any longer. It's all starting this Saturday.

So what are my goals for the initiative? Well there are a few:

  • To become more self aware
  • To become more positive and recognise the power of my thoughts
  • To be more grateful
  • To make time for the things I love
  • To stay high raw during the winter
  • To buy a juicer!
  • To put my newly renewed gym membership to good use
  • To stop procastinating
  • To relax and stop spending so much time in my head
  • To start taking photos and make this little place a little prettier
Well, I think that's enough to keep a girl busy for the next three months!

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