Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeding My Addiction

Why is it that I derive so much pleasure from looking at photos of food? I devote much of my day to this (usually at work, sshhh). I can't smell it or touch it and I sure as hell can't eat it. But I'm obviously not the only one, hence the popularity of cooking shows, magazines and blogs. I guess it's because food is a common ground for everyone. Whether or not you have the same level of food obsession as me it is still something that is essential in life. So, without further ado some more additions to my addiction:

Roast Pumpkin Satay Salad

Self explanatory, really. This was roast pumpkin with a broccoli, carrot, cabbage coleslaw topped with a spicy peanut dressing and loads of coriander.

Green smoothies. This one was orange, banana, bok choy, broccoli and pineapple. With a sprinkle of bee pollen and my first experiment with yacon syrup.

Big Bad Beige Soup
This easy soup is fast becoming a winter regular in our house. It's leek, cauliflower, parsnip, potato with cumin, garlic and chili. Saute. Simmer Blend.

When it's accompanied with fresh coriander, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil it's much tastier than it's bland appearance would suggest.

In progress it looks a little like this...

And the finished product (Note to self, cracked pepper doesn't look so good in photos)

And introducing a new favourite breakfast!
Almond milk banana smoothie, mixed with oats, chia, sunflower seeds, honey and raisins. And then if that wasn't enough, topped with gojis and some of these tasty little friends.

My test kitchen has produced many other treats that either got eaten before the camera even knew what had happened or just didn't photograph well. Which is a shame, because coconut yoghurt is beyond delicious.

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  1. You've been a busy girl in the kitchen, feeding yourself such yummy looking foods. The breakfast cereal looks especially good. And lucky you, to have a raw cooking food day wit a friend :)