Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Garden!

I alluded here that I would clean up the backyard over the weekend but I didn't actually think I would do it.

Yes, that is a mega pile of weeds. No, that wasn't all of it. Yes, I am ashamed.

I was creating that monster all day yesterday and holy carp I'm paying for it today. Everything hurts! The upside is that I'm not too embarrassed to go out into the yard anymore and there's now room to plant new things. Herbs! Greens! Vegetables! Exclamation!

My aching muscles didn't stop me getting into test kitchen to make some little treats to take to work this week.

These lemon ginger balls are a mix of cashew butter, Sun Warrior protein powder, mesquite, honey, lemon zest, ground ginger, coconut oil and coconut flakes. They taste exactly like my Nanna's lemon slice. Except, well, better.

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