Saturday, September 11, 2010

Holy Carrot Cake!

Just a quick little update to say that an innocent glass of carrot juice yesterday turned into a monster. A tasty, tasty monster...

Mini raw carrot cakes! These little guys are freaking delicious!

No recipe (sorry!) because I never measure anything. But it was inspired by a combination of this and this and a recipe from here.

Ground walnuts, lots of flax seeds, coconut, raisins, dates, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, lucuma and about a cup and a half of carrot pulp. The dry ingredients were ground first then the wet ingredients were mixed in until the texture was right. Moist, but able to stick together quite happily. Then refrigerated until firm-ish and topped with a tart cashew lemon icing. Wow.

Luckily I've found plenty of people to give these away to or I would have had to sit down and eat all twelve before they went bad. All for the greater good, of course.


  1. deeeeeeee-lish.

    Oh and I just finished a 20 min yoga for weight loss off yoga download. It was tough! Cant wait to re-build my yoga muscles. My core strength is definitely in need of some work

    Thanks again for a lovely afternoon xxx

  2. Ooh..yeah that's a good one! I also like the detox class. We'll have to arrange for another get together and I can give you all the ones I've got.

    Or maybe we can start having Saturday night yoga sessions? Followed by dessert of course.

    See you Wed! x

  3. Ooh, how happy I was when I clicked on your inspiration link and it was me!!! How wonderful!! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! xxx

  4. You're welcome!

    And yes, I absolutely loved them! Definitely a keeper, thanks for the inspiration :)