Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

Lots to catch up on this week! I had another session of kinesiology on Monday. It was far less confronting than the first, partly because I knew what to expect and partly because it headed in a different direction. I do believe that this therapy will help me unravel the tangled web of chicken-and-the-egg emotional and body issues that I've felt trapped in for far too long. And while that prospect scares the crap out of me, it feels like the right time. I've got another session next Monday, so I'll see where that takes me.

Since finishing school I feel so much lighter and more than one person has commented that I've got my glow back. Which makes me happy. More strange things have been happening to me lately too, I met one of my favourite artists by accident last week when he overheard me talking about him to a total stranger in a record store. Forgetting my wallet in one of my (many!) favourite health food stores led to making friends with the guy who works there that I've had a mini-crush on for ages (tee hee). And I walked home in the rain from work tonight and loved every minute of it - largely influenced by the spectacular rainbow that popped up to accompany me.

That wasn't it, obviously, but it was stunning all the same. Spring is most definitely in the air.

As far as food goes, of course there has been a lot of it. I've always eaten healthily, but around twelve months ago I became enthralled with clean eating and raw food in particular. And I loved it. It opened up a whole new world of flavours and textures and ideas to me. However lately a few different things have led me to stray away from raw. Winter would be the obvious one. Another is that when the raw craze hit me I was still eating meat occasionally. I happily made the decision to officially stop eating it earlier this year and kept up with a high-raw diet, but I feel like I missed out on an intermediate step.

When it became colder and I began to fall under the fog of stress and general gloominess that I allowed to engulf me while I was at school, my attitude toward my food changed. I was stressing over every meal and trying to keep things raw when I really didn't want to and put far too much pressure on myself. It got to the point where cooking was almost (almost!) a chore for me, and that made me sad. So, now that I've got my mojo back I'm really excited about putting some love back into my food, eating what I really feel like and allowing myself to actively explore the wonderful world of 'vegan food'. It's not about kicking raw to the curb, in fact with warmer weather on the way raw will most likely begin to make a comeback, it's more about transitioning in a more forgiving and logical way (because Virgo's love logic!).

And while I am not strictly vegan and don't want to label myself, it is the closest and easiest thing to say (unless there's a shorter version of high-raw-wheat-free-dairy-free-but-eats-honey-and-bee-products-and-the-occasional-egg?). So with a copy of Veganomicon on it's way to me in the mail and loads of fantastic food blogs to help light the way I'm venturing deliberately into vegan cooking. Let the feasting begin!

In other news, my housemate and I are going to this tomorrow night:

A little excited!

Happy weekend!

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